✔ Solving organizational issues;
✔ Building communication and coordination of interaction between all project participants;
✔ Control over the timing and quality of project implementation;
✔ Determining the optimal design and construction solutions;
✔ Optimization and minimization of construction costs.
✔ Analysis of the task and determining the parameters of the future project;
✔ Planning the process of implementation of the future task;
✔ Execution of pre-design works and feasibility study;
✔ Obtaining the original permit documentation;
✔ Development of design tasks. Selection of design organizations. Control over the design process;
✔ Coordination and examination of design decisions;
✔ Preparation of documents and obtaining construction permits;
✔ Site preparation, incl. providing security;
✔ Tenders for construction and installation works and supply of materials / equipment;
✔ Selection of contractors and suppliers;
✔ Reception, accounting and storage of materials, products and equipment;
✔ Transfer of equipment for installation and its acceptance from installation;
✔ Technical supervision;
✔ Estimation and closing of acts of performed works;
✔ Analysis of the plan-fact of performed works and provision of reporting documentation to the Investor;
✔ Preparation and commissioning of the facility.
✔ Execution of the project without increasing the cost of construction;
✔ Implementation of the project in due time;
✔ Execution of works, according to design decisions;
✔ Application of materials and equipment specified in the project;
✔ Quality execution of works;
✔ Carrying out examinations, if necessary;
✔ Control over the proper maintenance of technical and executive documentation;
✔ Intermediate acceptance of each stage of work performance;
✔ Participation in the water of the facility in operation.

✔ Evaluation and examination of design and executive documentation;
✔ Analysis of budget formation;
✔ Compliance of investment project indicators with initial permitting and design and estimate documentation;
✔ Evaluation of tenders, selection of contractors and suppliers;
✔ Audit of concluded agreements;
✔ Audit of applied prices;
✔ Audit of actual implementation and comparison with the budget;
✔ Audit of targeted use of money;
✔ Audit of physically performed volumes of work and their quality;
✔ Audit of additional works and their feasibility.
✔ Development of a correct and relevant budget;
✔ Providing communication with management accounting to monitor budget execution.
✔ Budgeting is possible as a comprehensive service and certain types of services for any of the stages of budgeting:
✔ Estimation of separate types of designing;
✔ Estimation of estimates for certain types of construction and installation works;
✔ Preparation of calculations;
✔ Scheduling.

BUSINESS BUDGET CONTROL specializes in real estate development for various purposes:
✔residential real estate (cottages, residential complexes, etc.);
✔public and commercial buildings and structures (shopping and office centers, hotels, medical facilities, catering facilities, logistics centers, etc.);
✔industrial facilities;
✔objects of the agricultural sector and agriculture (elevators, poultry farms, etc.).

We accompany our clients at all stages of project implementation without exception: from project development, which includes the construction of the facility, to the subsequent lease and management of these facilities.

Thanks to highly qualified specialists in the field of investment, management, jurisprudence, economics and construction, we create efficient, functional and comfortable facilities in all respects.

BBC provides services at any stage of development, including:
✔attraction of foreign investments;
✔development of the project concept;
✔investment and marketing analysis of the project;
✔acquisition of land ownership / use rights;
✔ preparation of initial permit documentation;
✔ putting the facility into operation;
✔ operating, renting or selling premises.
BUSINESS BUDGET CONTROL is a group of construction companies and provides a full range of construction services, focusing on the construction of attractive, high quality and functional real estate. We build buildings and structures for various purposes from residential real estate to objects of industrial and infrastructural importance. Our rich experience and unsurpassed competence in the field of facility management and construction allows us to undertake the implementation of the most complex projects, making them practical and cost-effective.

Using the latest technologies in construction, modern materials, our own technical base and working with selected subcontractors, we create high quality facilities, built safely, efficiently, with minimal costs and on time.

The BBC does much more than build facilities that meet our client's expectations, which is the basis of what we do, but also realizes the social, economic and environmental value for the society in which we work.

That allowed to win trust of Customers and to build honest and partnership relations.

Designing is one of the most difficult and interesting stages of a project, the main point of which is the ability to hear and understand the unique needs of the client. The purpose of our work is to create an optimal project, using innovative technologies, experience, knowledge and creativity of our team.

Approaching each project as a unique challenge, we strive not only for a functional solution, but also to meet different, sometimes conflicting customer needs.

BUSINESS BUDGET CONTROL performs the entire range of design work, from approval to author's supervision, and designs objects for various purposes: ✔Residential real estate;
✔Commercial real estate;
✔Public buildings and structures;
✔Engineering structures;
✔Industrial objects;
✔Agricultural facilities;
✔ Objects of the agricultural sector.

All our projects are developed individually and meet the specifications, customer requirements and standards.
Building a management accounting system in the company is a necessary process in modern business and is an integral part of a single management system, which provides:
✔ business result;
✔analysis of work of separate divisions;
✔income-expenditure statistics;
✔Operative decision making.

We offer:
✔determination of the financial structure of the enterprise;
✔development of the composition and content of management reporting forms;
✔development of methods of management cost accounting and costing of products;
✔development of a management plan of accounts and the order of reflection of typical business transactions;
✔development of internal regulations and instructions governing the management accounting;
✔account automation.
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